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08 December 2007 @ 01:10 am
Title: The Way Back To Daylight
Author: Kettle
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Other Pairings: Remus/Tonks (prologue only), Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Regulus, James/Lily, Luna/Parvati
Era: Post-Series
Spoilers: Everything
Summary: A search for a gift turns into an unexpected quest; a chance for Remus to regain everything he's lost. Or, at least, the most important thing.

This my friends, is a very original story. I will say I was very enthralled throughout the entire thing, and I hope that, even if Remus/Sirius is not normally your cup of tea, you will give this story a chance. It's AU- but again, don't let that stop you. Take care :)
06 July 2007 @ 02:02 pm
Title: Chasing the Storm
Author: jacyevans
Rating: PG-13 (may be higher later)
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Bella, Jacob, Edward, Alice
Author Summary: AU - What if Alice had seen Bella jump... but Bella answered the phone when Edward called? What if Alice saw a vision of Bella happy... but it wasn't with Edward? What if Edward returned to Forks, with every intention to check on Bella and leave... but when he sees her with someone else, his motives change?
How do you choose between the person who was there to catch you when you fell… and the person who was there to make the jump with you in the first place?

So far, this story has only a prologue and a first chapter, but they were well written and the story seems to be promising. Not much else to say, since I haven't read anything else of hers, but I think it should be good!
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Title: Bible of the Soul: Book of the Living and Dead
Author: starrose17
Pairing: Harry/Draco, minor Seamus/Dean
Rating: Officially M, I'm going to say R for tagging purposes though.
Author Summary: In the year 1099, the end of the Dark Ages brought forth another sad ending, for when his lover was murdered, Prince Draco had nothing left to live for and took his own life. Now his spirit walks the castle that was his home, and waits to meet the reincarnation of his true love. 906 years later, the castle is now a boarding school, and when a young man with his lovers’ looks and name makes an appearance, a love story begins that proves even death cannot keep apart those destined to be together.

I absolutely love this fic, and I'm also reading starrose17's Openly Confused. They are both very good, but I am absolutely pining over the Draco in Bible of the Soul. I don't have much else to say, as I'm feeling particularly illiterate today, except: read it!! :D
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20 June 2007 @ 10:22 pm
Title: Swear By All Flowers
Author: sweetestdrain
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: wincest, language, adult content.
Author Summary: Two years after the yellow-eyed demon is defeated, the Winchesters are still waiting for their happy ending.

This fic is damn near perfect, as all of sweetestdrain's fics are. It's very intense, with an absolutely perfect adversary (I won't spoil it for you though!) This fic really gets you involved in the storyline, and my heart was aching for the both of them there for a while. Truly, if you aren't squicked by the pairing, you should really give this one a chance.
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14 June 2007 @ 08:15 pm
Title: Let The Poets Pipe of Love
Author: bookshop
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings: Prostitution
Summary: Harry is a virgin, Draco is a hooker, but when they get together they have nothing but fun sex fights- well, something like that.

Oh man, what to say- I had completely forgotten about this fic until tonight when I was searching through some of my old bookmarks. It's very hot, and well written. It's also a one shot, though there is definately a beginning middle and ending, if you know what I mean. But seriously, if you haven't read it before, give it a go! :D
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14 June 2007 @ 01:54 pm
Title: A Proper Seduction
Author: dacro
Paring: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Sorting Hat changes history, and several lives, by placing a Weasley in Slytherin.

I don't normally go for father!fics, but this one was definately an exception. I won't say anything more, because I don't want to spoil it for you, but the fic is very well written, progresses at a nice pace, and has a strong ending. Lovely.
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13 June 2007 @ 06:02 pm
Title: 296 Ways to Seduce a Teacher
Author: _demonsblade_
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: R
Genre: AU, romance, drama, angst, fluff, humor
Warning: Slash, mild chanslash, boy/man snogging, boy/man sex
Spoilers: none

This one is SO GOOD. I've been watching it for a while. I will warn you, she (he?) is very slow to update, but even if it remains a WIP forever, I would still recommend it. It's very AU, with Sirius as a student pulled out of Hogwarts for undetailed offences, and Remus as the teacher hired to homeschool him. And that's all I will say, I don't want to spoil you for the plot!! *grins madly*
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11 June 2007 @ 08:46 pm
Title: The Past Comes Back to Bite You
Author: sillybella
Fandom: The Twilight Series
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Summary: AU: After Edward left Bella went to Jacksonville to live with her mother. Years later, after her husband dies, she returns to Forks with her daughter. What will Edward think when he passes through? What will Bella's daughter think of Edward?

I've been reading a lot of Twilight fic lately, and this is definately the best writing of come in the fandom (so far.) Needless to say, I am very excited about this fic. It's AU, and branches off from cannon about midway through the second book. It's original, so far as I can tell, and includes little plot twists that make me smirk. So! If you like the books, you should give this fic a try. :)
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10 June 2007 @ 08:00 pm
Title: The Moon's Significant Tremble
Author: setissma
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 5,754
Summary: There is this story. It is an AU fic in which Remus and Sirius are muggles and meet on a train and Remus is, in fact, a school teacher and Sirius is, like, an investment banker, and then, you know, it all goes downhill from there.

This fic is wonderful. I am truly, madly, deeply, and passionately in love with it. Yup. That's all, folks.
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10 June 2007 @ 05:12 pm
Title: For My Next Trick
Author: nutkin
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,405
Warnings: Wincest
Summary: Sam's eighteen, Dean's twenty-two, and growing up is hard.

This story was written pre-series from Sam's POV, and conveys the passage of time. The writing was excellent, and it seems to be full of emotion without being overly emotional (if you know what I mean.) Anyways, I heartily recommend this fic :)
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